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CM won two awards in Boeing’s Excellent in Market Award (EIMA) for South-East Asia and Taiwan 2019 in a virtual event held recently. The event which was supposed to be held in January was postponed due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic.

ACM won awards for team and individual in the category of Achieved significant process improvement. We recognized the achievements of the winners and all recipients received the Boeing EIMA certification from our Managing Director, Mr. Justin Franke.

Team category: Material Savings Team: 1. Shaharizal Ariffadillah 2. Zulfikri Ibrahim 3. Mohd Salehuddin Azahari 4. Mohd Nazrul Ahmad 5. Muhd Helmie Ramli 6. Khairul Aswat Abdullah 7. Mohd Bashri Zakaria

Individual Category: 1. Nurul Shazwani Bakery

Congratulations to all worthy winners. We look forward to be part of EIMA again in the future and make our presence felt.

ACM reached another significant milestone by achieve 84 months (7 years) of operations without a Loss Time Injury (LTI). ACM is proud of the accomplishment and acknowledge the result is a culmination of hard work and dedication of all ACM employees.

ACM resumes operations after receiving approval from MITI with health and safety measures in place and social distancing guidelines to all employees.

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