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Aerocafe brings changes to employees diet

ACM Aero Café has been in full operation since August, offering a new dining experience to our employees and guests alike. Our aim is to offer nutritional, healthy, well-balanced and delicious meal to everyone. There are more options of food available for our employees to choose and from time to time there will be special menu on offer.

One of the major changes we made was the whole café operation is now being managed and operated by ACM instead of by external vendors. The objective and the focus of hiring our own in-house crew is to deliver on our promise of Healthy, Variety, Delicious, Good Priced Food, the tag-line you see in our Aero Café logo.

The backbone of the café operation is Chef Fikri, an experienced hand who previously served at a famous hotel in Kuala Lumpur. He is ably supported by his crew, Mr. Fisol, Mr. Farhan, Mr. Azhar and the rest of kitchen assistant. As a unit, they are responsible to handle every single task from sourcing for fresh produce, essential items, managing the inventory while planning the menu in order to offer good meals at a fair price to our employees.

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