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Environment, Health & Safety

Aerospace Composites Malaysia (ACM) declares that our employees are the most valuable assets, therefore we are fully committed to protect them by establishing a safe and healthy work environment and to ensure that our activities do not cause any adverse effect to the environment.

In upholding this standard, ACM requests full co-operation and commitment of all its employees, contractors, visitors and business partners to contribute and participate in all of the Environment, Health and Safety related activities.


ACM maintains the perfect compliance record to all audits conducted by Department of Environment, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) every year. This is our commitment towards preservation of air, land and water in an around our facilities.

We are a firm believer in recycling as evidenced by the recycling bins in our facility for employees usage. All our discarded materials are being sent to recycling facility on monthly basis and the funds collected from the recycled materials are being used to support our corporate responsibility initiatives.


Employees health is our company's priority. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken measures to ensure our employees adhere to physical distancing and personal hygiene. The company had prepared a comprehensive COVID-19 guidelines to ensure all aspects of protective measures are implemented. Each employees had also received 3-ply masks, hand sanitizers and four fabric masks for their personal protection. This is the commitment the company made towards employees' health


As of February 2021,

we have worked for

0.6 million man hours

without Lost Time Injury

ACM 6 Years of Safety
ACM 6 Years of Safety


Aerospace industry customers expect and demand that quality systems employed by manufacturers assure that products are safe and reliable, perform as intended and operate normally when maintained in accordance with industry standards and customer requirements.

World-Class Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Policy

Quality is……“Our Legacy and our Future”

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