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ACM made our presence felt again at 2021 EIMA!

We are pleased to announce that ACM has garnered three Boeing Excellent in the Market Awards (EIMA) for South-East Asia & Taiwan. 2021 EIMA is the fifth edition of the award with the objective of recognizing outstanding performance and exemplary achievements. The winners from ACM are as follows:

•Excellence in Process Improvement: Equipment Capacity Team

•Excellence in Sustained Stakeholder Relationships: BCA-ACM Work Transfer Team

•Excellence in Leadership and/or Innovation: 737 FLE Crack Team

All winners was announced during 5th EIMA event on 26 May. All winning team members were invited to join in the event, held at our Training Hall, including their Senior Managers and all ACM Leadership Team.

The fifth EIMA was held in Singapore. Event highlights includes: Opening and closing speech by President, Boeing South-East Asia, Alex Feldman, the awards ceremony, lucky draw and quizzes where our employees were able to join in through mobile via weblink. Each of the winning team had representative receiving the award and gave an acceptance speech.

ACM has seen multiple winners from our teams since we joined the award competition in the second edition of EIMA. We encourage other teams to take up the challenge and be part of next year’s nomination.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a structured process aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction with new products or processes. ACM has initiate APQP development from 2019 when Boeing released AS9145. ACM has been working with Boeing APQP team for several pilot projects including the new work transfer 737FTE FAJ. The activities has proven significantly reduce potential escape or defect from occurred.

Boeing has recognize ACM effort and award Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) approval for 737FTE FAJ APQP activities. The PPAP approval is the 1st PPAP approval awarded by Boeing. The certification was awarded by Boeing to ACM team during the PRA visit in April of this year.

The recognition by Boeing is a testament of the hard work and detailed activities implemented by ACM team. It showed that ACM has an advance quality system compared, giving us a competitive advantage over other Boeing’s suppliers.

ACM celebrates another milestone as we completed the first delivery of 777X J Panel & Fuel Door to BCA. On hand for this occasion are the ACM team involved in the program, our leadership team and Boeing guest who are here for PRA.

Congratulation to all the personnel involved and we look forward to more positive news for the company throughout the year.

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