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ACM is fully committed to maximize value for all our customers by providing the best planning, sourcing, procurement and delivery of our products. ACM works with various suppliers from around the world to ensure that products of the highest quality are delivered on time. ACM is also on the lookout to build connection with  local supply chain by working with local small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We are committed:

  • To provide the best value of supply chain solution by efficiently integrate the customer requirement with suppliers, partners, warehouses and ACM operation so that supplies are always in compliance to quality requirement and delivered in the right quantities at the right time.

  • To explore and identify opportunities to improve values in supply chain that contribute to the sustainability of ACM.

Interested in becoming ACM supplier?

Type of suppliers we're working with

The recognized Aerospace suppliers in the market as listed in Boeing’s Qualified Provider List (QPL)

  • Pre-impregnated or PrePreg fiber or glass fiber

  • Aerospace adhesives

  • Honeycomb core

  • Aerospace chemicals and paint

  • Fabricated aluminum sheet

  • Aerospace fasteners

Type of materials we purchase

What it takes to become ACM supplier?

  • The supplier shall be able to answer affirmatively to “ACM Supplier Quality Survey Questionnaire Form” to each applicable item on the survey questionnaires.                                                                                          

  • The supplier has documented evidence of certification/registration by a recognized quality system (example: ISO-9000, AS9100, NADCAP and / or other certification/ registered by recognized third party auditor).

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