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Our Products

Our Products

In 2023, ACM produced  on average18,000 parts per month from over 40 different programs, delivering high-quality products to our customers around the world. Our goal is to achieve 100% on-time delivery for all our products.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities



  • Facility approved to manufacture product per BAC 5317-1 through -5 and BAC 5578

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Hand Lay up

  • Primary and secondary structures

  • Capable to manufacture panel for flat.curved surfaces and sandwich panels up to 6.2" thickness

  • Optical  laser projection is installed and applicable when necessary


Core Fabrication

  • Capable to handle both nomex & fiberglass material

  • Experience to perform septumize, stabilize and potting process. Has an exposure and  knowledge in manufacture using forming core if required

  • Has an exposure and knowledge to manufacture using forming core if required


Autoclave Cure

  • Equipment capable to support cure until 54ft lenght max temp of 410F (210ᵒc) and max pressure of 100psi (7 bar) 



  • Available equipment in trimming for both waterjet and 5 Axis to trim until max 45ft length

  • Able to meet trimmed edge roughness below 125Ra and 400 Ra respectively



  • Experience to perform Primer and Top Coat on multiple profile of surface appearance



  • Capable to perform composite repair per D683908 and D6-83909



  • Sufficient equipment to perform digital and dimension inspection.

  • Capable to perform OMV for machine verifivation and PCMM

  • NDI is available for horizontal and vertical ultrasonic inspection



• Capable to perform minor and complex assembly

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes
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Factory Optimization

Factory Optimization

In 2020, ACM launched an internal cost saving program called as Production System Efficiency (PSE) focusing on Capital Equipment Capacity and Capability, Productivity and Efficiency, Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement, Factory Capacity, Safety, Sustainability and furthering out Lean Culture.

Factory Capacity is inclusive of Manufacturing Space, Product and People Flow. Once awarded the new BCA Assembly work package in 2019, a team consisting of Lean, Production, Quality, Facilities Maintenance and Shipping was formed to enhance the manufacturing space optimization and streamlining the flow to create required space for the newly awarded package.  The target was to on-board the new work that would double the revenue of the company without using a single additional square foot of factory space.

With the significant challenge in mind, the team brainstormed, conducted several workshops using 3P approach and simulated various flow and layouts. Even though, there were a lot of ambiguity on process and toolings requirements, team managed to develop assumptions to move on with the factory capacity planning and analysis. The team also opted for several benchmarking with customers and local factories. The team had tremendous breakthroughs that created free manufacturing space of 61,412Sq Ft compared to calculated space requirement of 8,000Sq Ft for the BCA Assembly package. The team not only achieved the goal of on-boarding the work packages that will double our company’s revenue with-out utilizing additional factory floor space, but they created significant more additional factory square footage now available for future work.

It was one of the toughest challenges which team has successfully taken up in embracing changes, learning and improving from failures and at the same time instituting predictability and stability in the process to support current and future business priorities. With such an experience and a strong, cohesive team working on continuous elimination of waste and cost saving initiative, ACM will be well prepared to take up more new business and handling the challenges that may come.  The results of this team will yield significant benefit to ACM’s future.

The ACM Factory Capacity Team was recognized by Boeing with the Excellence in the Market Award (EIMA) for Boeing South East Asia & Taiwan in March 2021.  

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