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16 Dec: ACM received a visit by new Industrial Training Institute Jitra (ITI) Director, Mohd Faisal Bin Abd Hamid and his team. The visit was hosted by our HR Director Puan Habibah, Production Director, Mr Shahabudin and our Training Senior Manager, Mr Afrul.

As part of the visit, an in-house graduation ceremony event was held for thirty MTs who have completed Certificate in Composites Manufacturing, five (5) F&M Technicians in Industrial Maintenance Operations and seven (7) Coaches at ITI, Jitra. This is a collaboration program between ACM and ITI and the course is conducted with government grant. Congratulations to all our employees for completing the course.

ACM continue our tradition of recognizing employees who have served the company diligently for a period of time with the 2020 Long Service Awards. The award remains one of the most important tradition in the company where we acknowledge their continuous contribution. This year we hosts the recipients here in our facility to ensure our employees health and well-being our main priority during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Let us congratulates all the 100 recipients this year: 28 recipients for 5 years of service, 54 recipients for 10 years of service and 18 recipients for 15 years of service.

In his speech, our Managing Director Mr Justin Franke congratulates all recipients and encourages them to continue to perform and be part of the company's growth. We hope our recipients and other employees to continue delivering their best in line with company's vision and goals.

Our employees together with the Leadership Team of the company, posed behind 737 Floor Assembly Jig (FAJ) Fit Check Part for delivery to Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA). This is the next step in company's milestone to a successful BCA work transfer. Congratulations to all the teams involved in the whole process, ensuring the target to be achieved in spite the added challenge of having to complete all this during the Covid-19 situation.

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